Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Chatfield Hollow Farm 2019

Today, June 4, 2019 is a beautiful day and I spent part of the afternoon at Chatfield Hollow Farm in Killingworth, enjoying the natural beauty and taking photos. The staff and owners do such a beautiful job keeping the grounds. I just thought I would share some of the photos so those who already know about the Farm and the Inn can re-appreciate the natural beauty. Those of you who have never been there...you may want to check out what is available. https://www.chatfieldfarm.com/  
and https://www.facebook.com/Chatfield-Hollow-Inn-606997376032451/


     Loved the light green spring growth!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Griffin Garden Market

The owner, Deb Hawthorne, is very friendly and always has an interesting story to tell about her unique products. Her store is a magical place where she has brought the woods indoors, complete with owls, fairies, decorative mushrooms that she made, parts of trees, greenery, sparkly lights, pine cones and pine boughs etc. One room is devoted to the fairy theme. Another room features candles, jams and jellies. Everything is so beautifully displayed. I was excited to see herbs, roots and other natural foods and remedies. Local bee products are for sale including raw unfiltered honey. Wool and wool products are also available. 

If you are looking for quaint rustic mobiles for hanging indoors or outdoors on your patio, deck, or in the garden...there are many to choose from. Outside there is a large selection of garden statues and live plants. They even have slabs of decorative wood and thick vines for sale to create pergolas and other interesting decorative features. In the photos below you can see a hint of how the owner uses these natural items to decorate with.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will definitely be returning soon. There is so much to explore! Here is a link to their website. https://northebys.com/griffingardenmarket/

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Killingworth's 350 Year Anniversary Celebration

Senator Richard Blumenthal

Killingworth Nursery School
Langer Landscape

Killingworth True Value

Emanuel Episcopal Church

Durham Fife And Drum

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Killingworth Ambulance Association

Chatfield Hollow Farm And Inn

Fireaway Quartet

Braiden Sunshine: Finalist On NBC's "The Voice" with Laura Spineti

Laura Spineti

Enthusiastic young girls dancing to Braiden's music!